Android Running Applications for 2011


Over the last couple of years Android smartphones gained incredible attraction in the mobile market. With the popularity of the phones came the demand for applications and the horsepower and flexibility of an Android OS gives users the opportunity to get the most out of their Android phones.

The Runkeeper is a free application enabling users to analyze all their social media integration, GPS features, fitness reports and much more. Users can create a real-time GPS route map, get audio cues for time and distance, and using the phone app a primary source for data collection and entry. This enables a user to access customized web page to show their activity history as well as sync their workout histories with that of friends.

The Runstar has two versions previously the Lite which is free and the Pro version which is priced at $ 5.31. It is very similar to Runkeeper in the use of GPS data which is used to track runs, but provides course maps as well. The comprehensive application enables users to have all information at any time as well as a built-in Mp3 player which allows for creating customizable workout playlists for the users.

The Endomondo also comes in a free version and the Pro version at $ 4.34 and very usable not only for runners, but also anyone who loves exploring the outdoors. The GPS tracking system keeps track of workout history, speed, distance and altitude. It has a robust heart rate monitor and little "pep talks" for runners when they have a tough time running. It also features a low power mode for battery duration during longer activities and outings.

The Cardio Trainer + Racing also has two versions, one being free and the Racing Add-on which sells at $ 2.99. It keeps track of workouts, runs, races as well as overall fitness of users. Also installed is a GPS and features an auto-pause and pedometer, which will automatically pause as well as resume. It is very handy and useful especially when a runner is interrupted by pit-stops or traffic. Additionally it also has customizable diet plans and racing, a feature which allows a runner to run against his own best time.

Softrace is another free application which focuses on the challenge of endurance sports and the competition. Many activities can be tracked, including track running, skiing and cycling amongst others. In practice mode it can log runs, pace and distance and in challenge mode it uses Google Maps for users to build customized maps. Racing mode enables a runner to run against their personal best or against competitors using Softrace.



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