Free Country Ringtones


With the cost of the mobile phones falling drastically, more and more people have access to a mobile phone these days. Most mobile phones have common ringtones, so in a public place or a large gathering, when the ringer goes off, it can become difficult to know whose phone has gone off. But now thanks to ringtones, you can have an individual ringtone for your phone.

Ringtones are commonly and freely available through the Internet or they may even be provided by the service provider and the phone manufacturer free of cost. With competition rising and prices falling, ringtones has become a selling point for many phone companies. Most companies offer these totally free of cost to gain a better market share.

Advanced phones have polyphonic sounds or even real sounds, which means you may use an actual song or sound as your individual ringtone. When using real tones, the possibility of having any ringtone enormous and endless, any song or sound can become a ringtone. So you can choose the kind or genre of songs that you like.

Country Ringtones are popular amongst western and country music lovers. These are country and western songs, which can be downloaded free of cost from various Web sites and stored on your phone as a ringtone. So when your phone rings you will hear your favorite country song being belted out by your favorite country singer! The best part of this is that you get all of this free of cost, no registration fees and no downloading fees. Just log on to the Web site, register if required, search and select your favorite country song, you could also listen to it and have it sent to your phone as a ringtone, if you wanted.

You favorite song is not available on any Web site? Fear not, another way would be to save the song onto your phone through your computer hard drive. But of course your phone must be compatible. So all you need to do is synchronize your phone to your PC either using bluetooth technology, infrared technology or a phone cable, select your country song and save it to your phone’s memory or memory card and use that as your ringtone.

So now you have a choice to stand out in the crowd and not be mundane and boring! You have a choice to show to the world your likes in music by having you favorite country song as your ringtone.



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