Free Netbooks For College Students


Can you get free netbooks for college students? You certainly can, although the limited companies offering them make it a bit tough. If I were you, I would just go for a regular laptop, which is much more abundant. I know what it is like being stuck in school; studying and praying your parents give you some extra cash. It is a major headache you really do not need.

If you have not actually used a netbook, you must realize these can not do the same things that you regular laptop can. They are tiny, and not only tiny, but the keys you type on are even smaller. You must also know that these can not power everything you need. Microsoft Word barely is powered by these computers, if you do manage to even install it, it will continue to lock up.

The way I get free laptops and free netbooks for college students is by signing up for freebie websites online. These may look like scams, but they really are not. You must fill out all your information, and then continue to complete the entire survey that they ask of you. These companies make money off these statistics and the survey information is sold off to companies such as Best Buy which take a look at how they can better serve customers on a daily basis, which makes them greater revenue in the long run.

I have completed many of these types of sites, so go ahead and check them out. I promise you will not regret it!



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