Free Treo Ringtones


The Treo 600 is regarded as a smart phone that has a combination of a color Palm OS PDA and also a regular sized mobile phone. Due to these integrated features, it becomes possible for the user to dial directly from the exhaustive contacts list, take pictures and even send emails. It also has to its credit a five-way navigation button and a favorites screen allowing quick access to the phone functions. This is a multi-tasking device and has a great storage capacity and also features a speakerphone.

The users of Treo are more likely to download or use polyphonic ringtones than monophonic ones. With the Treo, it’s very easy to download a free MP3 player and lots of tunes from several portals directly. The Treo 600 uses MIDI files for ringtones. To use any particular tune as a ringtone, you must add it into the phone’s ringtone database. Normally, there are no “freeware” MP3 ringtone managers available for Treo, but several free options can be used by a savvy user. MIDI is the format of the musical ring tones for many smart phones including the Treo 650. You can also pick a few of your favorite TV theme songs or classic rock tunes and download them for free and use them as ringtones. You can also assign custom rings to your frequent callers so that you know who is calling even before you check the number. You can also download you favorite tunes from various Web sites and store them on your computer. Later, the Treo, once connected to your PC will do the rest.

Another interesting option to make your own Treo ringtones is using ringtone management software. The more popular ones include Callfilter, LightWav, mp3Ringer, mRing, Ringo PRO, and CallShield. Using such software, you can create any kind of a Treo ringtone you wish. Being a multitasking handset, the possibilities with a Treo are far greater than with a regular phone. So just check out what’s the latest trend and let your Treo make the difference.



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