Fruit Slice Game – Slice Your Way to Fun


For those of you in the know, then you would be well-aware of the fact that the Android Market, now known as Google Play has always played second fiddle to Apple’s App Store when it comes to the games department. Sure, there are some free gems such as the Angry Birds Series but these games require some very high-end android devices and they were originally released for Apple’s iPhones and iPads in the first place. This is why the Fruit Slice game is such a rare find on Google Play. Not only is it a good game, but it also features some eye-popping graphics that rival that of the PSP’s. Of course, the best part of the Fruit Slice game on Android is that it is completely free. The game is ad-supported so you will see a small, rectangular banner at the top of your screen whenever your Android phone or tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, but the ads do not really get in the way of your gaming. This is because the publishers had the foresight and common sense not to include the ads in the actual gameplay window. The ads only appear while you are still in the main menu screen.

One of the downsides to gaming on the Android platform is that the games which are actually any fun are usually online-only multiplayer titles or games with ridiculously high system requirements that will only play on high-end Android devices. Fortunately, the Fruit Slice game is once again the exception to the general rule. Despite the respectable graphics and the smooth framerate of this particular Android title, Fruit Slice on Android can actually run well on even entry-level Android Phones such as the Xperia X6 and the older Ideos phones that have clock speeds of 528 Mhz.

The Fruit Slice game has four modes of play, namely: Classic, Pipeline, Time and One-shot. Classic mode is the most complex of the four available game modes. In classic mode, you have to slice all the fruits that are thrown at you from below with finger swipes. You are allowed only three misses, after which, it’s game over. It doesn’t end there however. There are also “bombs” which are fruit-shaped, bomb-like objects that get mixed in with the fruits every now and then. You have to avoid touching these bombs at all costs because touching even one of them results in an instant game over no matter how many lives you still have left. In Time Mode, you are given 1:30 minutes to slice as many fruits as you can. Casual gamers will probably enjoy this mode the most since you do not have to worry about missing any fruits or slicing the dreaded fruit bomb.



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