Fun Things You Can Do With Your Android Tablet


There are many fun things you can get done with your android tablet. To start with there are many apps you can download out of the app store which will extend the functionality of the device. But of course you also have access to the largest app store in the world, the internet. Online is a wealth of things to do and solutions to problems.

Run your business: Yes, even running a business can be fun. Perhaps not a full time solution but you certainly can run your business from the luxury of your tablet device. Android tablets are great for browsing the web and reading emails. Maybe typing out mega long emails are not going to cut it, but who cares about email when you can just video conference your employees and discuss what's happening with them live. There are many areas of business where its possible to remain productive on the go with only a tablet PC and internet connection.

Draw or paint: The new screens are touch sensitive and great for drawing. There are lots of excellent choices from Bluebrush to more fun options such as the Sketch A Etch App that mimics the classic children's toy of similar name. For something a bit more fun, FingerPaintPro gives users the ability to paint with their fingers and turn pictures into sliding puzzles.

Keep track of your finances: There are a wealth of good android apps that will help you with your money and investments. Yahoo finance will keep track of daily stock market information for you. Shopkick helps you save money by providing rewards when you do make purchases, and Groupon alerts you to the best deals.

Get fit: There are dozens of apps that will help you get fit and develop yourself. This will help you to keep those new year's resolutions and get the body you've always wanted. Some offer exercise suggestions while others will set you targets.

Buy Gifts: Arrived somewhere only to find it's someone's birthday? No problem, just buy them a last minute gift and you're good to go. It does not take much, and there are many great online stores that offer digital distribution of their content such as Steam, iTunes and Amazon, which means you can give a gift and they can immediately receive it by email.

Doing these with your android tablet will help you become more productive and make the best use of your time on the go and at home.



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