How Can You Use A Tablet Like A Cell Phone?


It's our cellular world craze. Remember back in the 80's (well, not all of you) when we had to take around that "block" to get a cellular signal? We took them in our cars, and it was cool – I mean really cool that we did not have to be connected to our home land-lines ad was was free to call anyone we wanted to.

Anywhere in the continental USA for us who live here. But those darn roaming fees! Yikes, go a little out of it, and you were going to get charged a lot of extra money that you did not plan on.

Then, technology got better, cell phones got smaller, and was able to do a lot of different things that we were not able to do before. So, let's advance like 20 years ahead of when we first used cell phones.

Everybody's texting everyone! Yay! We do not have to speak at all, we can text our friends, our girlfriends, moms and dads – man we were styling! Now, let's advance a few more years ahead.

We're enjoying internet at home, at our colleges, at our local Star-Bucks cafe, and heck, even McDonalds had free internet, or Wi-Fi. So, we bought our laptops around, and that was cool.

We did not of course bring our desks, because like hey, they're way too big, and clunky for that. What are we to do? Gee, we can not deal without knowing everything that's going on, right? So, it looks.

Technology brings us even farther in advance. We now introduce to you: Tablets. Ooooh, we like these things! They're lighter, and we can do a lot of cool stuff on them like computer programs that we have loved before, so we use our new apple product: the ipad. Later on, there's competition, and the Android market against apple, and has their product: The tablet with the android OS, or Operating System.

Well, we're cool now, we can see what our buddies are doing on Facebook, twitter, and all of the other popular social websites. Uh-oh, we left our cell phone at home. And now we can not call mom to let her know that we're going to be 2 hours late.

Or, are we stuck?

Introducing the Tablet that you can use like a cell phone: The Phablet!

Basically what you have to do with your tablet is get 2 different programs:

1. Google talk

2. Talk a tone

Is that it? Yep. First you need your cellphone number. You get that when you get your account with Google Talk. You can align that up with your Google Email account.

after that you do need your tone.

Then you get the down-load Talk a Tone: it's a Google Play product / download.

And, then, Bam, Wham, Shazam! You're connected to talk on your new phone !! And, for one thing, it's free! I thought you might like that one.

I liked the Samsung series Tab II 7 incher. That's what I have. I tried using it on next tablet's – didn't work well. So do not go cheap! Buy a decent tablet.

So, let's recap what you need:

  • A solid good quality Wi-Fi Network — most likely at home, some restaurants.
  • A good quality tablet like the Samsung series line, Google Nextbook is good. Not sure on the others.

PROS : It does not cost you a dime for the cell phone number or connection! It's free within the states here in the USA. Additional charges most likely apply if you go internationally.

CONS : I would like to tell you that every place you go, you'll be able to get a connection, and that simply is not true. So, make sure you test them out. Some are good, and some are not. I do not have a list, so you'll have to do the legwork on these.

Overall Bottom Line : It is definitely worth researching, and especially if you have a tablet. I have not personally tried it on the iPads, but I'm sure they can do it too. so, go to your local burger king, wendy's, computer shops, and hotels and try it out.

It's a free cell phone line!



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