How to Change Your DISH Network Remote Address


You may not know this but your satellite remote is a highly sophisticated piece of electronic equipment just like the satellite receiver. The remote control and receiver can operate on any one of 16 different addresses. However, they must both be on the same address for the remote to control the receiver. Here, I'll explain how to change the address on both devices.

Changing the remote address is an effective way to independently control multiple receiver units in one area or units that offer the UHF Frequency.

* Note: It is suggested that you unplug other receiver units to block the remote signal from spreading to other units while changing the address. If you have multiple units, changing one address without precautions may change all of your receivers at the same time.

* Note: Do Not Change the address of the remote control unless you're absolutely certain this is your problem and you're trying to restore this functionality before having a technician visit your home or business. The remote control can not operate the receiver if the two devices have different addresses. Below are steps to restore or change the remote address on the remote controller.

1) Turn the satellite receiver into the OFF position and press either Channel Up or Channel Down on the front panel to display the Important System Information Screen. Note, the current Remote Address shown on your TV screen.

* Note: If the receiver is a Duo unit you must verify the difference between TV # 1 and TV # 2. These can be identified by the tab at the bottom of the remote control. TV # 1 has a Green Tab and TV # 2 has a Blue Tab.

2) Press and Hold down the SAT Mode button until all four mode buttons light up, then let go of the SAT mode button.

3) Use the number buttons to enter your new remote address number from 1 to 16. Write down and keep for future reference.

4) Press the POUND button. If the address you entered is valid for the remote control, the SAT mode button will flash three times.

5) Point your remote at the receiver and press the RECORD button. The Remote Address on the Important System Information screen should match the one you entered in step 3.

* Note: If the remote address does not change on the Important System Information screen, press RECORD button again.

6) To check and see if the address programmed to the remote, press and hold the SAT mode button down for three seconds. Then press the POUND button twice. The SAT mode button will flash the same number of times as the address.

7) Press the SELECT button to exit the Important System Information Screen and return to live TV.



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