If a Phone Number Has Been Spoofed, Can I Find Out the Real Owner?


Ever been spoofed by a telemarketer posing as a local phone number? Have you ever been prank called in the middle of the night by what appeared to be your own telephone number? Have you or a friend been harassed by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend calling from a strange number? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have more than likely been Caller ID spoofed. It is the 21st century version of prank calling: cheap, technologically savvy, and difficult to trace, even by reverse phone lookups.

Unfortunately, there is little the average person can do about this inconvenience. Online spoofing services have become increasingly skilled in spoofing calls to the point of being untraceable by Caller ID and reverse phone lookups. Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP for short; this method of making phone calls relies on a broadband Internet connection. This makes it impossible to trace by traditional call tracing methods) can also be used with certain computer programs to make spoofed calls that are nearly impossible to trace. Thankfully, however, you are not alone. There are still several sources that you can take advantage of in order to beat the Caller ID spoofers.

The first group that can help you beat a phone number spoof is your telephone company. Many telephone and cell phone companies have features that provide you with or allow you to call back unidentifiable numbers, and once you have their number, you can easily find out more information about them using resources like reverse phone lookups. There are also services that allow a person to mark a telephone call for criminal investigation by the police. The police can also be of great assistance, but will only take action in the event that a caller has broken the law by using threatening language or by constantly harassing you.

Finally, there is no better initial defense from spoofed calls than to check and see if callers really are who they say they are by using services that can trace a phone number such as reverse phone lookups.



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