Initial Concept for a Stand Alone Website Development Setup


Here is a concept for a website programming and development software that is based on a stand alone Windows PC where you do not need a website that is on an outside host to do the development.

Developing an idea for a site development system came about due to an initial interest of what types of programming is available for doing website programming. It initially started out as an ongoing interest in HTML programming. This required a website development system that is stand alone, since most of the experimenting could possibly cause a crash of the system. A need is to start developing an offline site that is available at all times without the fear of crashing it or causing problems with online sites and does not require the internet connection. Doing this type of experimenting on current online sites was a strict no as as was found by previous online experimenting crashing online sites.

So a first task is how do you go about setting up your own private website that is available on a PC? Now it did not just incorporate a website full of html code that would be a hindrance to set up and make changes to. It needed to be flexible so as it evolved it would be flexible enough to change with the changes.

Next item required a way to tie into a database, as this would allow a way to store information as needed and also have a way to recover the data via instructions.

The next and most important was a way to write a program in a programming language that was available for use on a website server. This way to be able to use custom code to do custom things in a program could evolve as the changes were being made.

An additional item is the system would have a way to store data in database system and also provide a programming environment that extracts and uses the data. Having a language that is readily used by other systems would take advantage of available documentation that is available on the internet. The process of developing specialized support software that can be used on a open source based system needed to be developed.

The most important was the need for a website to run a blog for training topics and may add a support forum as a way to communicate with visitors.

So now all these items are what this website development structure and content is going to be about. It can develop an idea and then attempt to create a program of some sort as an on going training series. Software that can help deliver all these things and more is readily available at no cost. Also it is also possible to take this initial website that is being developed and apply it to or as an online site when a successful system is finished at any time.



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