Saving Battery On Your Android Phone


The Google android operating system has been around for some time now. It has been received enthusiastically by many techies although the jury is still out on whether the device has really lived up to its billing of revolutionizing the cell phone industry. Many enthusiasts have tried to make android run on almost any gadget that resembles a cell phone.

Part of the reason for this is that there is access to the thousands of applications in the android market. Many of these applications are developed by the techie guys. Though many of them do work properly, some of the apps have been developed by techies just to show how smart they are. Your phone’s internal memory space can also be another hindrance to the downloading of many applications at a go. Handsets based on the Microsoft’s mobile OS are some of the phones that have increased in popularity somewhat. When Google launched the android operating system, they had of course predicted that the OS will completely change the landscape of the cellphone industry. Some of the windows mobile phones such as the HTC vogue have USB ports that can help utilize the hardware very well.

There have been ROM’s that have been compiled in order to replace the Windows with the android OS completely.However, there are other applications such as the Haret app, which is a tool that makes it possible for you to boot Linux from the Windows Mobile.Haret does not on stop of Windows mobile.However, the app first of all completely shuts down the Microsoft’s OS before the android is booted. If you have a windows Mobile device which has android, all you need to do is to flash the ROM just in the normal way. You will need to start windows mobile before you launch the android. This will make the port to be faster and more stable. The main advantage of the Haret application is the option of running two different operating systems on your cellphone.Other common applications of the android OS on windows mobile includes:

In effect, all we are ever told is to use the task manager to maximize the battery life. Many people in effect, use this route when attempting to maximize the battery life of the android. When you are killing the tasks in order to save the battery life, it is important that you remember that turning off the alarm clock is one of the surest ways of preserving the battery life.

One of the things that make the android 2.1 a very good OS is the ability to download live wallpapers. The wallpapers are very lively as opposed to the earlier versions of the OS.The animating image format brings the home screen to life. The battery life will however be severely affected as the wallpaper takes too much energy. You can search the android market for live wall papers and you won’t miss them. The wallpapers come in many designs and you can keep on changing the design depending on the make of your phones.



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