What Tablets Are Best For Movies?


A good tablet for movies should have a large, high resolution screen, loud and clear sound, a fast internet connection and strong internal components. There are a number of tablets available but the best one should have most of these factors. Let's explain these one by one.

Watching movies on a larger 10 "screen is better than watching on a 7" one. But if you had to choose between a larger tablet with mediocre screen resolution (say 1024 x 600) and a smaller but higher resolution Kindle Fire HD, then you are better off with the latter. A tablet with low resolution does not provide the picture quality that HD tablets give. Most videos nowadays come in HD formats so it's a bummer if you can not play them on your tab. The tablet that offers both ideal screen size and HD resolution is the Nexus 10 and the iPad 4.

What's the use of a good screen if the sound is poor? You can not always use headphones so a good tablet for movies should also have a good set of speakers. The Kindle Fire comes with Dolby surround sound speakers which ensure the loudness and quality of the device's sound. The upcoming HP Slate 7 is equipped with Beats Audio technology which enhances its bass sound.

Tablet storage are often limited so most of the time, you'll be watching movies on Netflix. A fast internet connection, of course, is necessary. All tablets now support Wi-Fi but only few support dual-band Wi-Fi. The difference between these two is that the latter can shift to one of two channels with less traffic. Amazon's tablet has this function. A tablet with 4G LTE support can also render video streams better. They are much more expensive though but it's the only solution if you're in a place with no Wi-Fi connectivity.

Internal components refer to the CPU, GPU, and RAM of the tablet. Devices that have HD screens, good speakers and fast internet connections do not always have good internal components. They are important because they define the overall performance of the tablet. Having a poor GPU, for example, would make video players hang from time to time. And of course, you do not want to buy tablets just for movies. You would also want it for games, emails, and web browsing. In short look for a tablet with a modern CPU. Tablets like the Nexus 7, Transformer Infinity, iPad 4 and Galaxy Note 10.1 all have excellent internal components.

In summary, here are the best tablets you could buy for watching movies:

  • Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
  • iPad 4
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9



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