Why First Time Android Users Should not Root Their Device


One of my favorite hobbies is to hang out in a little corner of the internet, helping other users with modifications and what-not for their phones. Over the course of a month I've come to realize that there are absolutely so many first time Android users out there chomping at the bit for root. Usually, the guys and I over at Root-Ed try to educate these people so their not back in the chat room the next night begging and pleading for help because they've bricked their phone somehow. Do not get me wrong, Introducing people to root and the vast possibilities that are opened up upon rooting is quite enjoyable, but with Christmas coming up I hope to reach out to some of the new android owners and educate them a little before they decide to take the plunge. To touch a little on the topic of the disadvantages of rooting, why should not a first time user root?

We'll start off with the simple fact that Root gives you many more privileges in the Linux operating system than a normal user account. Your able to access and modify system files such as the framework, which in itself is a primary reason why the uneducated should not root for one simple reason. If one has no knowledge on how to backup and or recover their device, if a system file is modified, the device could simply make the device inoperable. Not only would one have to worry about that, but one thing any person wants to do when rooted is theme. A popular theme application is Metamorph, an application designed to allow root user's the ability to; once again, overwrite system theme files Android found in the framework. If one downloaded and applied a theme not designed for their phone and or framework, we come back to the boot-loop issue. As you can see, there's several way's a first time android user could easily brick their device. One other thing to add is that people do not even consider the fact that once rooted, their manufacturer's warranty is no longer valid, so if your a phone dropper, that should be a key point in your decision.

Something I'll be covering in a followup post are the advantages of rooting and why it can be beneficial. I'll also be covering an introduction to root and what you should know before attempting to root your device. This post is not designed to scare a user out of rooting their device, but to give fair warning what could happen. I will not touch on the advantages as that portion of this two article is soon to come.



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