Article Submitter Review – Free Software by Brad Callen


Brad Callen is well known for coming out with some great products.  And one of his most well known products is his Article Submitter Software.  That’s what it is called.  He has both a free version and a premium version for upgrade. 

Now, let me know talk briefly about why you might need an article submitter.  If you have been involved with article marketing at all (like I have); then you know that it can be very time consuming to submit all of your articles to several different article directories.  You can leverage the power of one article by submitting it to multiple locations.  The leverage comes because every time you submit your article to a new directory, it has a back link to your website!

You have to realize that not all of these back links will get indexed by Google but you will get SOME of them, and that is better than just one.  So, Brad Callen’s Article Submitter software allows you to paste in your article once and then submit it to hundreds of directories.  The free version DOES save you lots of time, but it is still a bit manual.  You will have to wait for each article website to load and you will still have to manually select a category and hit submit on each one.  Sometimes you will have to login and/or fix your article fields as well.

Now the premium version is a different story!  You will actually just paste your article in ONCE and then hit submit!  The software will do the rest.  Your article will then be submitted to hundreds of directories while you do something else.  This is really the way to go if you are looking for a way to leverage your articles, without being too time consuming.

I like this software, because it allows you to start out with a completely free version.  If you like that and can see the value of upgrading you have the option, but you are never required to.  You can use the free version as long as you would like.



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