Automate Broadcasting With Radio Automation Software


Professional radio programming does not have to be expensive. If you own any kind of public venue, then you probably want to have background music and periodic advertisements and in order to do this, you could try a fully automated solution such as RadioBOSS. Radio automation software provides you with the solution that you need for a minimal cost. It is the ideal way to create playlists for background music in public places, and with good technical support, you can begin your broadcasting immediately after installing the application. It is exceptionally easy to use and set up. Once you have set it up, you can leave it running unattended for as long as you like.

RadioBOSS is a great solution for creating background music in any type of public venue. This includes nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shops and any other public place. The software makes the task easier for you by completely automating the process. Using the software, you can quickly create your background playlists and leave it to run unattended for months at a time. The software is simple to operate and its user friendly interface requires no special knowledge. It is designed to save you time and provide you with the automated results that you require.

With any kind of automation software, stability is one of the most important things. This solution is particularly stable, using a minimalistic music player application which never crashes and never causes any problems. Included is an audio converter which lets you use any audio files on your hard disk regardless of their format. The database included in the application is also easy to use, allowing you to track and automate your music collection as well as manage it thoroughly. Other features included are a playlist generator, playlist templates and various others.

The main component of the software is the player. This allows you to launch any playlists that you have set up and you can also use it to configure playlist schedules so you can have specific audio tracks playing at certain times. There is also an audio converter which supports various popular formats. You can also add advertising in your playlists and specify automatic volume increases when they come on. You can use streaming Internet audio in the playlists as well.

There are various extra features include in the player component which give you the ability to further customize your results. You can add a number of audio effects to the way your music sounds including reverberation, echo, tempo and pitch. It also includes an equalizer and can take full advantage of multichannel surround sound cards.

The playlist generator is the component which allows automatic generation of your playlists of a certain duration. Playlist templates are also included and you can make hour markers for advertising, rotations or any sound effects.

Finally, the database component is where you organize all your music and you can also use this to filter your records and tag the files regardless of their format.

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