Best Child Protection Software – Monitoring Your Children Online


If you are looking for the best child protection software, the first thing that you should consider is the features that are offered by the software design. Protecting your children while they are online is very important these days. Do you know what websites that your children are visiting? That is the question that I wanted to answer for myself and here is what I have found.

Blocking access to popular or pornographic websites simply isn’t enough.

As parents, one of the most important things that you should do is to protect your children from pornography on the internet. Installing a porn blocker on your computer is simply a must with all of the garbage that is out there online. But is installing a porn blocker enough? The fact is, your kids are very smart and savvy when it comes to anything to do with a computer. They probably know how to work around the security settings of the porn blocker, especially if you have a teenage son.

Having access to their social networking accounts isn’t enough.

Having the login information to your children’s Facebook account just doesn’t cut it these days. Like I said, your kids are very smart and all they do is have multiple accounts set up so they can keep things hidden from you. Yes, the privacy of your children is very important, but their safety is more important. Pedophiles and predators exploit social networking sites to gain access to your children. This is where finding the best child protection software is important.

You must be able to know what websites that your children are visiting to be able to protect them.

Checking the browser history on your computers is simply not enough if you are going to monitor all of your child’s internet activity. All they have to do is clear the history and you will never be able to tell where they have been.

So what is the best child protection software?



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