Create An Impressive Photo Show With A Special Feature


Over the last few years they have been many software developers introduce software that can produce entertaining keep sakes for us all to treasure, I consider myself a true family man who love my children and desire to video and photograph all the fun and exciting moments in their life. As you get older these times you wish to relive again and again, and whilst this is not one of the most important subjects in the world, it sure gains the interest of 1000s upon 1000s of people globally.

So lets us consider one important questions

What is special about this software & what special feature does it have?

The photo show software I speak of has a wealth of features but before we consider these I find that most software developers try to cram too many other distractions into their software rather than keeping to the theme of their innovation, this often has the effect of compromising computer performance and the need for regular update patches, however without any hesitation I can say Photodex stick to the point and this has the added benefit of superb performance on a windows PC platform.

What Does It Do?

Well if you are using this for friends, family, or even for a small business, or just for fun! you will quickly find that it doesn`t get easier than this to simply select your photos and drop them in the show. Record your own voice-over track or add a soundtrack from a CD. Add motion effects and pick from over 280 stunning transition effects to add that final touch, it really is the case of drag and drop & wysiwyg.

Additionally it gives you more output options than any other slide show software. You can create DVDs and video CDs that play back on your TV. Stream your show on the Web. Generate MPEG video files for PC viewing. Build screen savers for yourself or others. Make self-contained executable slide shows (EXEs), just right for sending by email or posting online. Write PC autorun CDs that automatically play when inserted into a PC.

And yet theirs is even more to shout about consider this!

It also features the Ken Burns Effect, better known as Pan And Zoom effect to your images and video, so giving the impression that a still graphic becomes a motion video, you can even rotate a photo or video while the slide show is playing, Did I say video, yes the program can also accept with video, it even allows you to trim video, so you do not have to feature unwanted footage.

What I like about this is that while you are constructing the show you have unlimited Undo & Redo, which is a fantastic feature for peace of mind you should make a series of mistakes. Did you further know that the application actually backs up as you construct your entertaining presentation, So no danger of losing all your work should the unexpected happen.

And if you thought that was enough a lovely bonus is the DVD Authoring interface which is so simple to use and fully customisable.

The special feature ladies and gentlemen is one that will more more appeal to webmasters and those that enjoy authoring their own web space.

You see in one of my articles dealing with Powerpoint to SWF the Shockwave file reduces the size of the presentation file, but even with this format their is still the issue of loading video, swf files can be compressed, this has the overall effect of decreasing the quality of the photo show, and this becomes an irritation especially because the whole point of exhibiting the show in the first place is to create an entertaining moment for your audience to enjoy the pictures their seeing, this is not effective if the pictures are so compressed that they look pixelated or there is an evident generation loss.

With that thought in mind you will be pleased to know with this particular software that IT GIVES YOU AN EXCLUSIVE FILE FORMAT FOR THE WEB THAT DOES NOT COMPROMISE THE QUALITY OF THE SHOW AND IS BETTER QUALITYITY THIS SWF IS FILE ITSELF This is considered to be a good selling point by the developer, and they say it with the utmost confidence.

Further to this they also give you free web space on their online service as well, now then with such a wealth of information, and their still more information you can learn from them you can do no better than simply visiting http: // www and choose software categories (PRESENTATION) and it is the first one listed on the page.



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