Creative Writing Software – How to Choose What Is Right For You


Creative writing software can be so very helpful for anyone starting a novel. There are a few things that will have to be considered before relegating your time to one piece of software. It is helpful to first evaluate your situation, and what can help your process.

What do you want to write? How do you like to write?

The answer to those two questions is vital, and will help you decide what is right for you. I'm sure you have put much thought into this already, so keep the answers to those two questions in mind.

I do not always use things like character development and organization features. Say, for instance, that I'm writing a novel or short story. I have the basic idea in my head, and I simply need to type and let the story develop itself. I do not want to get in the way of the creativity. I want only to let the faucet run wild.

In that instance, all I really want is a simple word processor, something basic. I also like it to have a full screen mode so that I rid myself of distractions during the writing session. This is a personal preference, but I know it is important because I lose productivity without it.

When doing more structured writing, organization tools become necessary. I will take notes in my writing software. I decide what my major points are and how they should be developed. Much more planning goes into this type of writing.

Beyond using software for organization, I will use index cards or notebooks to write major points that must be discussed. Index cards are another personal preference of mine, I think they are fantastic.

For you, a different style of writing may be suitable. As long as you know how you like to write, go at it in that way.

Your style can change over time. Mine has changed. I used to do so much more planning and writing about my characters. Now, I can take an idea and expound on it. I need my basic character in my mind, and a situation to put him or her in. Then I let loose, writing and not stopping. I leave the editing and organizing for the second draft.

I am always open to new creative writing software, because if it will help me just a little, then it is worth it. If a tool will make me a little faster and not get in the way, I am all for it.



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