Credit Repair Software Review – Fixing Your Bad Credit With Software?


Credit repair software.
That one term alone was searched in 1 search engine over 4000 times in one month. Why is that? Why is there such a demand to find a solid, robust and effective credit repair software solution?

Loans are, if you've attempted self credit repair before, you can answer that question without much thought. The fact of the matter is, credit repair is commonly considered to be one of the most tedious, and disorganized financial tasks you can undertake. I'd estimate more than 65% of those I've counseled on credit repair either give up after the first month, or just are too confused to continue.

The reasons for that are plain to see.

You can start with all three credit reports at one time, and draw up a good action plan, no problem there. However, 30 days later when you start getting several correspondence from the credit bureaus, you can easily lose focus. The bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union, each will send you letters through the investigation period with updates, and replies … some having nothing to do with your disputes.

To complicate matters further, its easy to be in a much less enthusiastic mindset to do the tedious administrative tasks associated with credit repair. There is such a time gap, its just easy to forget your next best moves, let alone stay really motivated to "figure out" what to do next.

You have three options to resolve the dilemma of all the tedious work, and the disorganization associated with credit repair planning.

1. Quit your efforts, and give up. Go on living with bad credit and take no action.

Let's face it, this is an option. Ineffective at best, but an option none the least. Truth is, you would not have started your efforts, or even read this article if you thought you should just ignore your bad credit. I hope you see that no action is not the best option, so I'll move on quickly to option 2.

2. Hire a credit repair service.

This option, believe it or not, so often is where people turn to next if giving up does not sit well with them. For the reasons I spoke of above, this removes the pain associated with the whole process. The down sides to this option, aside from the obvious financial impact month after month are multiple.

First and most importantly, when you hire a credit repair service, you take the person with the most integrity in the process, out of the equation. In other words, there is no person on the planet that has a more genuine desire to see your credit improve faster, than yourself. Secondly, and related to that, its not financially beneficial to the credit repair service to fix your bad credit fast. For more information see my recent article on the 3 things credit repair services do not want you to know.

3. Use a solid Credit Repair Software to almost automate the process.

I recently went on a vigilant search to find the most effective, and complete credit repair software. Specifically, I was looking for a solution to offer my clients that fall victim so often to motivational, and disorganization pitfalls we spoke about earlier. I tried several "popularly" promoted software that claim a lot of promises. I was severely disappointed more than once. The lack of completeness was clearly apparent. However, I did come across the best credit repair software I've seen to date. In fact, I purchased a full license, and was able to take it for a test drive. Here's what I found.

  • The dispute letters that auto populate are strictly written, and effective. Once you enter your information in your profile, the letters will be automatically generated at the point of a click.
  • The calendar feature is dynamic, and will remind you when you should expect a response, and EXACTLY what to do on that date. Brilliant.
  • The knowledge base on credit repair laws is very robust, allowing you to study specific areas of credit repair processes.
  • Its a one time cost, rather than monthly fees, and you own it for life.

If you're looking for Credit Repair Software that can exponentially automate the most tedious tasks, as well as provide you step-by-step guidance, you should check out this guys software. Really impressive.



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