Grammar Checking Software – A Must For Business Writing


If I may be quite frank, I just do not get why more people in business do not use grammar checking software. I can not stand it when I am reading an email and someone has misused the words "their" and "they're" more than once.

Do it one time and I assume you just made a cursory error; however, screw up more than once and I just think you are careless. Get a grammar checker – please!

While that may be putting it a bit harsher than some can stomach, tough love is the only way to get through to people that any writing without a firm grass of English grammar is going to get you in more trouble than you can afford.

In this economic turmoil, it is darn near impossible to get money for a grant proposal if you can not wow sponsors and backers within the first 30 seconds. Everything you need to know about a potential client you can find out from the moment he or she opens his or her mouth.

But if one comes to a business with a serious proposal that is full of grammatical errors, the only thing you are going to accomplish is looking bad.

Firstly, knowing how to spell and when to use a colon may seem trifle bits of information forced down your throat by an overzealous English teacher in 10th grade; however, if you have a firm understanding of the English language you are more inclined to get whatever you ask for.

Being able to present your ideas in an organized and, most importantly, legitimate manner will increase the chances that someone will take you seriously – especially if you are asking for any sort of financial support for an expensive endeavor.

Secondly, you have got to at least make whatever you are selling sound appealing. If you have gotten commanding rhetorical skills, you are more than likely going to impress anyone that you approach enough to get a considerate nod in the right direction.

More than anything else, if you are selling something that does not exactly boast the most exciting selling points, you have got to be able to present it to someone in such a manner that they would be crazy to pass you up.

Of course, you want to always be honest when asking for funding; however, you can impress an entire panel of people of you present them an idea in a way that sometimes they would not have even thought of themselves -therefore, giving you the appearance of someone with the right balance of bravado and brain power.

Finally, if you work in any real world organization and you are incapacitating getting a point across without making detestable grammatical errors, you are not going to be taken seriously, and therefore you will be missing out on a lucrative business partner –either for you or for your corporation.

You have got make sure that no matter what kind of written literature you are providing –emails, memos, etc. – that you present your ideas clearly and legibly. Otherwise you will present an unprofessional veneer and probably miss out on a bankable opportunity.

So do yourself a favor, get grammar checking software and eliminate a surefire way to get yourself ignored in business.



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