How to Promote Software


As a software developer I've seen a lot of software projects that died just because of lack of people who wanted to use it. It's very frustrating when a team of several people or several hundred people puts a lot of effort in a huge project and in the very end it just disappears in the mist of time. A promotion of a software is as important as any other pert of the process; very few products became world wide popular without a proper promotion.

This article will describe main points that will help you bring your software to people.

Make it Useful

This part should be obvious – who needs a software that is useless? So, try to make it as important for people as water.

Make It User Friendly

As the software market is very rich now days, there are many products that are similar in their functionality and people have to choose one of them to use. One of the criteria is the usability – a very modern and very important aspect in software development. The more usable your software is the more people will like it.

Make it Bug-Free

I guess no one likes bugs in software, so the less bugs you have in your software the better it is. Imagine that bought a car and the left rear light flashes all the time or you can not open a door? It does not seem to be attractive.

Expose It

Ok, now we have an excellent, useful, user-friendly and bug-free software – let's promote it. Show that you have something that they need. Sometimes you may need to show that you have something that they have but a bit better.

One of the best ways to promote a software is to add it to software directories like . If you have a 64-bit version of your product there is a directory for them as well – . This step will make your software visible for users. Avoid adding your software to directories full of spam as it will not bring any result but just consume your time.

Write articles about your software – it's worth of it. People read a lot of material on the Internet, so why do not you let them know that you are here with a new product.

If your software is not free, provide a demo version that will be free with limited functionality or free for some period of time only. Keep supporting and upgrading your software – that is a critical aspect of a successful software project.



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