Latest Software Development Trends That You Should Look For This Year


Software development has evolved at a great pace in the past few years and with it the market competition is also increasing at a tremendous pace. It is important for the professionals to keep themselves updated and also work on self-improvement. And by this, it means staying aware of all the latest techniques and trends of software development and getting acquainted with the new technologies in order to keep riding on the tide. So, with this year, many developers must be keen to know about the trends in software development that will influence the development environment this year.

Here in this article we will take a look at the evolving technologies that look very promising for the developers:

Codes in containers: One major direction for the current software development trends is coding in containers. Creating a virtual machine over a physical hardware is a total waste of resource from the beginning. But when the processes are wrapped in a single container, it uses less resource and offers much more security as it can use the latest cryptography achievements for any additional protection. This further helps to keep your important data in the cloud storage where it is secured and can be used for any immediate action.

Java might lose its position: Having the skills to code in Java language will no more be sufficient to get a good software development job. Though Java knowledge is important, yet candidates have to have more skills to impress the employers. Since most of the Java jobs require maintenance of ongoing processes and with new development declining steadily, it might have a great impact on the software development trend of this year.

Advanced platforms will support responsive design: With lots of new technology coming up in the market, things will change a lot. New technologies have features to create responsive designs and it is no more restricted to mobile first only. There are various other devices, integrated wearable gadgets like Apple watch, Oculus Rift, Google Glass and etc. and they are some of the technologies that are most talked.

Self-servicing will become crucial in the Big Data Era: In this era of mobile apps and software development trends shifting to open source collaboration and outsourcing jobs to skilled teams, it is very important to concentrate on self-service. This is the only way that a cloud based infrastructure can work in the coming future. All small companies and enterprise grade companies and developers should now follow outsourcing software trends and introduce the policy for the benefit of their company as any product with service limitations will only be quickly lost in shadow.

Focus towards material design: Flat design has been the choice of all in the recent years with very less approach to modern UI creation. But this focus will shift towards material design. Apple has always been a big supporter of flat design that does not support elements that appear three dimensional. But Google has launched the trend towards material design and with the three dimensional effect like lighting design and gradients, the new look adds depth to the digital components. We will see a proliferation of new UI design patterns as creatives start to embrace responsive design.



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