Medical Records Software – What Benefits are in Integrated Systems?


There are well over 300 EMR solutions available in the market today all "shouting" about various advantages that they have to offer. Amid this kind of "noise" it is easy to completely miss the basics of the really important and immediate benefits a physician would gain from installing the right EMR system. This is why it is useful to look at some of the most important paybacks that would accrue from EMR and how to make sure that you do not miss them.

Most people would prefer an interface system to a fully integrated EMR software system. This is a mistake. The reason is simple. Although a fully integrated system may be a scary preposition (more so if the doctor has been using an independent medical billing and practice management software application) there is no doubt that it is the way to go and it dramatically reduces on inefficiency. Integration means that you have a single system that does various things but shares the same database. This is in contrast to an interface system where they will tend to be different data bases for different applications.

Of course there is no denying that interfaced applications work but there have been many horror stories when different data databases or systems within the same office go out of sync. Besides why waste resources and time with different databases in the same business? A fully integrated EMR software system will without doubt bring efficiency to any medical practice and the benefits at the end of the day will be huge.

Additionally, providers who use a qualified electronic prescription system in 2009 and 2010 can earn a bonus payment equal to 2 per cent of their total permitted charges through Medicare part B. So by simply using a certified EMR software system with in-built e-prescribing capabilities for instance you will avoid the headaches of a stand alone prescription system which will mean extra unnecessary data entry.

Amazingly research has shown that the average physician can save up to $ 15,700 or more annually by using their properly integrated ePrescribing feature.



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