Personal Record Keeping Software


Have you ever forgotten where you put an important document after you carefully filed it away somewhere? Can someone other than you find necessary information about family assets? Have you created a list of important and emergency contacts like attorneys, brokers, bankers, next of kin, doctors, pastors and the like? Where are the titles to your property? How will you recover lost documents if your home is burglarized or a fire destroys your paper files? Tragic and avoidable losses can occur when you, or others close to you, can not find vital information when it's needed. Knowing where documents are, and how to access them, can make the difference between money lost and money found.

You know it's true. There are forms to fill out for everything. You may find yourself searching over and over again for the same information every time it's asked for. There's a better way. Enter your information in record keeping software and find it when you need it.

Sometimes the largest roadblock to organizing your personal information is knowing where to start. There seems to be so much to manage it can be overwhelming. That's where record keeping software comes to the rescue. It tells you what to include and organizes important information into categories. Most of the organizing task is done for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Here is a partial list of the important items you should keep track of: Birth Certificates, Citizenship Papers, Marriage Certificates, Adoption Papers, Divorce Declarations, Wills, Death Certificates, Deeds, Titles and Deeds, Veteran's Papers, Bonds and Stock Certificates, Important Contracts, Passwords and Logins, Prepaid Contracts, Employment Records, Insurance Policies, Credit Card Accounts, Family Health Records and Inventory of Safe Deposit Box (and key).

Organize and file your documents carefully and record their places in record keeping software. Popular packages give you dialog boxes where you can record extra details. For example, you may make note of the combination to your home safe with a comment, "The combination to the home safe is 49-40-2." In an emergency, you might save someone hours or even days tracking down those kinds of hidden details which might be important to your own well-being.

Personal profiles are a special feature of some record keeping software packages. Record your basic information including name, date and place of birth, social security number, mother's maiden name, father's name, spouses name, children's names. You can create up to six personal profiles for yourself and family members. Some software will combine the profile information with medical and emergency contact information to create a wallet-sized medical alert summary which can tell a doctor or emergency technician what they are dealing with.

You might be concerned about privacy and security. Popular record keeping software runs on your computer at home without connecting to the internet. You want to choose one with multiple layers of encryption to tighten security against intrusion. The information store in record keeping software is password protected. Only you can access it. Your privacy is fully protected but it's a good idea to create access for an authorized family member or legal representative in case you can not act on your own behalf.



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