Self Publishing Software


Years ago, publishing a book, which includes the layout, typesetting, printing and binding of the book, was a tough job, done only by professionals. However, today, authors can use book publishing software to publish their book, and the results are just as good as the companies that publish books.

Book Publishing Software Options

If you would like to self publish a book that you have written, there are several choices you have in self book publishing software that is available. One option, and sometimes the cheapest, is by using a word processing application. While it is easy to print your book using the word processing software, it is a little more difficult to publish the book. Some word processing programs do the document layout and format, and some even allow you to do the table of contents, footnotes and end notes. You have to find the proper word processing program that works for you.

If your book has pictures and graphics as well as text, you will want to look into more advanced software for self publishing books. Some companies that make software include Adobe (the makers of Adobe Acrobat), Microsoft, Apple Pages, QuarkXpress, and Scribus, the free software application.

What to Look for in Self Publishing Software

When choosing the proper self publishing software, the first thing you must look at is if your book will have text, or photographs, and charts.

If your book has written words only, then you may want to use any word processing application. If you have pictures, drawings or charts, you will need to look into self publishing software that can do formatting and layout of such items.

On-screen editing capabilities is one of the most important aspects of the software for self publishers.

You will need to give a printing press service the files of your book in an electric format, so check the printing services that you are using, and make sure the software is able to produce the file in the format they need.

If you are using an older model computer, you may have trouble with your software. Therefore, before you begin, check the software and hardware requirements. Do not try to purchase or install any self publishing software before you know for sure if you can use it or not.

Another helpful hint is to talk to other people who have self published their books. Find out what helpful tips they can give you about self publishing. One of the best ways to get started is by finding out what others are doing- this may save you a lot of trouble and heartache!



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