Storybird Review – Free Online Writing Software for Children


Writing is one of the indicative skills in the modern society. Kids that learn how to write in early age have a better chance of more achievement both in social and personal lives. Is there free software to encourage kids to write? A software worth trying in this regard is

Storybird is free online writing software for children that takes an interesting approach towards story writing. The software presents beautiful images created by artists. All you have to do to create a story is to write text in the box located next to images. You can choose images, drop them into the edit box and start writing a story getting inspiration from your chosen images. Using Storybird is very easy. The moment you see the software, you know how to use it. has following benefits.

First, you can use Storybird, as an online writing software, regardless of operating systems on your computer. With an Internet and a browser, kids can create stories on the spot. Storybird does not even need signing up. Signing up is necessary only when you want to share your story other people.

Second, Storybird allows several people to collaborate on the same story. Your kids start a first page, they may email the story to friends in other states to follow up. The potential is great. Family members scattered in different regions may take part in the process of story writing and have fun together.

Third, you can publish your story as a book in soft and hard cover by placing an order at the storybird website. I think these books will make great gifts for family members or friends. If such a book is a result of collaboration among family or friends, it will be even more meaningful gifts.

Fourth, Storybird is free. Except publishing your book, creating, sharing and reading stories on the website is free.

What I like most about this software is quality of available images. They are not just common image clips you often see on the Internet. All of them are from artists and look great. These beautiful images are great source of inspiration for kids to write their story.

One last thing. Although I reviewed Storybird as mainly software for kids, it is not only for children. Teachers and parents may use it for educational purposes. Adults may use it for making gifts for loved ones. Just like the website says, Storybird is about creativity for families and friends.



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