The Best Creative Writing Software For Kids?


Creating a story can be a hard task for a child, even if they are naturally inclined to write stories. This is why a specially designed creative writing software for kids was created. Kids are naturally receptive to use their imagination and captivated by stories. A software such as this enables them to utilize their creative capacity to share with the world the fruits of their imaginations.

This piece of software for kids is based on proven adult creative writing programs, but with added ability to make writing more fun and interesting. Tools such as spell check, grammar correction, and thesaurus enable kids to create better looking text and teach them communicative skills which will help them in later life. This creative writing software has a database of a billion name combination to create believable character name, and a geographical reference for location accuracy in stories.

There is a character creation wizard that asks questions that make greater characterization and motivation depth for the figures of the stories. Story templates including in the creative writing software for kids help give organization, coherent structure and flow to stories. There are also features that help create the actual book covers, and will actually read the text to the writer.

By using a creative writing software for kids, it makes writing a delight and not a drudgery. Reports from children using the software state that they loved the program and it made them want to have their stories published. Any level of child writer can use the program and any level of story length is possible: from a three-page short story to a thousand page novel or more. Much time and energy is saved, and tools like these help raise a child's self-esteem and open up potential career areas.



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