The Best DVR Player Software


A good quality DVR player software program should be able to perform a number of different functions. Not only does it allow the user to record and also edit a number of different tracks but it allows them to add special effects also. As you will soon learn that the various audio and video recordings that you can use with DVR come with some effects of their own.

Some of these recordings allow for the user to compress, reverb, chorus and flanger, while others come with a tube amp or vocal removers, plus much more. But in order for the software to function properly it needs to work along a good quality DVR card. Often what you actually find that the software required has been embedded into the cards that the manufacturers have produced.

This then results in the quality of the performance of the machine to be much higher and less chances of them actually conflicting with each other. As many people have discovered today most PC's will have DVR software actually embedded into their machines and makes it much easier to upgrade the software when required.

The main advantage to be had from having DVR player software on your PC is that it makes it much easier for you to record footage or videos as well as store and retrieve the files. What this software does it converges the images, moving pictures or other kinds of pictures in to a digital format.

In order to run a good quality DVR player software package on your PC you will need to have the following: –

1. Have 1.3 GHz or more

2. The PC should come with 256MB RAM

3. Should Either Run Windows XP Home or Pro or have Media Center Edition on it.

4. Have a good quality sound card

5. The video graphics card in the PC should come with AGP8X as well as 128MB video RAM at the very least

6. A good broadband connection

As long as your PC contains the above then running the right DVR player software on yours should not be a problem. But getting hold of the right DVR software is extremely easy to achieve. A quick search of the internet and you will be faced with numerous sites offering downloads, which can have you editing your own videos all in a matter of minutes. There are DVR player software programs available online such as Beyond TV 4.0 which allows you to then convert your PC from being just that into a DVR (digital video recorder) and it will only take a matter of minutes for you to achieve this.



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