The Very Best Stock Picking Software


At the time of this article, Day Trading Robot is easily the best stock purchasing software available on the market today for these following reasons.

Day Trading Robot is the stock picking love child of an expert programmer as well as an expert and winning trader, James Holt, it being based in part on 23 of his winning trading strategies. It constantly analyzes real time market data around the clock using mathematical algorithms and notes which pricing patterns lead to large upswings in the market to add it to its trading "repertoire", consequentially making this program more advanced and capable with each day. It also focuses on smaller, lower risk / reward trades so that you can get in and out safely to see small gains over and over again as they build up.

Once Day Trading Robot notices a stock in the market begin to exhibit similar patterns to successful trend producing stocks in the past, it investigates it further to decide whether or not it will act in the same way and should therefore be deemed a sound trade.

In placing Day Trading Robot's weekly trades, I have experienced a very agreeable winning rate of 80%. Note that Day Trading Robot does not win every single trade, but it does win most and the gains which you get from these far outweigh any losses which you might experience.

Because all of the real work is done for you of painstakingly researching the market around the clock, all you've got to do is enact the trades. Because of this you do not need any real market experience beyond being able to enact simple trades by logging into an online trading account. Just from blindly placing each recommended trade, I've since experienced that very profitable winning rate of 80% as a result.



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