5 Great Websites For Artists to Gain Exposure


Every aspiring artist ever runs into the same problem, getting their artwork in front of potential buyers and galleries. This article will review some website resources to get you some exposure and on the path to becoming a successful artist.

  1. deviantART.com – This web site boasts the largest art community in the world. Through this site, you will have the potential of Deviant Art's 11 million members to view your work. You can set up your own profile, upload an unlimited amount of art work, and even create a fan base of people, who comment on your work (you should allow them to in your settings). You can also track how many page views each of your pieces get to judge the response. The site also holds many art competitions in every genre imaginable. If you are into networking with other artists, you can also send private messages, participate in forums or chat live with them. The deviantART Store also allows you to sell your items in a variety of ways. They will handle prints, posters, canvases, shirts, and many other items. They also will do the framing and shipping for you.
  2. theartlist.com – This web site is full of ways for all types of artists to gain exposure. They have artist contest (with cash prizes), photography contests, art resistance opportunities art events, art fairs, festivals, exhibitions, and classes. They have 2 levels of membership at this site; A basic free membership and a premium membership that currently costs $ 27.00 per month, which has a few more features.
  3. saatchi-gallery.co.uk – The Saatchi Gallery is an amazing collection of ways to get artists the exposure they have been looking for. This London-based site offers a myriad of services from simply displaying your art, to selling it online (this service is commission free). The Saatchi Gallery is not just for canvas type of artists. Photographers, illustrators, students, street artists, and even video artists will also find a home here. They have sections for contests, grants available, a fun section called 'showdown' where people put their art up for member votes against each other, a critique section to offer up your work for feedback of all sorts, and a forum to chat with other professional and aspiring artists.
  4. myartspace.com – This is a 100% free artwork community web site. You can create unlimited galleries, add music to them, participate in contests, forums and they have a feature coming soon to allow artists to be able to sell your work online.
  5. art.shop.ebay.com – This is eBay's section strictly for artwork. They break it up between dealers and regular artists, which will help you stand out more when people are looking for something new and undiscovered. eBay does charge a decent size commission, but the number of eyes that browse the site may just justify it.

Honorable mentions:

renderosity.com – Renderosity is a site strictly for three-dimensional models and renders, a valuable resource, but only if you are that type of artist.

gfxartist.com – You will find strictly digital artwork resources on this website, perfect if you fit the genre.



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