5 No Cost Ways to Get Your Website Noticed


If you own a website then you are certainly concerned with getting it noticed and increasing your traffic. However, you might not have a large budget for advertising or marketing and simply do not know what to do to get your website noticed without spending a lot of money. Well, the following 5 tips will help your website attract attention without spending any money!

Tip # 1 Submit to Directories

Submitting your website to directories is generally free and all you have to do is provide your website's URL, a brief description, and then your site will be listed in the directory for people to browse. In addition, not only will people be able to browse the lists, but your site will also have one more way links pointing back to your site that will increase your rankings in the search engines.

Tip # 2 Submit to Search Engines

If you want to get your site noticed then you want to make it easy on web surfers to find your site. So, submit your site to the search engines to have it indexed. Then, when people search the web for certain keywords they just might find your site and drop by to take a look.

Tip # 3 Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are another good idea if you are interested in increasing your search engine rankings. Simply trade links with other websites and you host their link on your site and they host your link on their site. This does not take much effort or time and once you have the links you will basically have free advertising.

Tip # 4 Include Your URL Everywhere

Your URL needs to be on all types of communication you use. For example, make sure your URL is included on your banking, business cards, in all of your e-mails, and the like. When your URL is posted everywhere you will certainly increase your site's traffic.

Tip # 5 Email List

You can create an email list from all the visitors that have visited your website and periodically send them updates advertising different services or specials. Make it easy to unsubscribe, too. Before you know it you will have more people visiting your site and others recommending your site as well.



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