5 Things a Good Website Should Have


More and more people are turning to the internet to market their business, and why would not they?

Marketing online is a lot cheaper than marketing offline and not only that, people searching for products or services would rather search online than flick through the yellow pages these days, because it's convenient and quick.

Yesterday I was told about a gentleman who was charged a whopping $ 60,000 to have his website built, and the website he had was pretty much rubbish! This figure is outrageous, considering one can learn to build their own website for only $ 47! Also, a website can be built in a matter of minutes (and I can show you how)!

That guy was definitely ripped off.

Regardless of whether you pay someone to build your website or you choose to build your own, there are a few components to a good website that I will talk about now:

1. Your website should have a light colored background with dark writing – white background with black writing is preferable because this is much easier to read than a website with a dark background and light writing (try it and see!);

2. Lots of "white space" – you do not want your site looking too busy, otherwise your visitors will just get confused and leave;

3. Your website should be easy to navigate – make it easy for visitors to find what they want, by using relevant categories and links to the various sections of your website;

4. Your website should focus on the niche market you are targeting – talking about your pet hamster on a website focused on business services is probably not an ideal thing to do; and

5. Have a Contact Us form on your site – create a Contact us page and put it there so people can get in touch with you! Try to avoid having actual email addresses on your web page because spammers use it to their advantage!

These are only five of many things one should do when deciding to market their business online. There are probably plenty more, but there is only so much time in my day!



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