Basic Principles Of An Effective Website Design


Basic Principles Of An Effective Website Design

The art of Intuitive Design flow:

An effective website design should have an intelligent design flow for the user to experience. For instance, consider the user logging on to your website. The first thing that should draw his attention should be the logo placed prominently to reflect the brand’s values, then moving on to the mission statement that explains the purpose and then onto the portfolio and so on. This way, the user is welcomed into your world with a whole new experience rather than just a solution to browse through.

The science of Smart& Sensible Content Management:

Content is like a magnet that keeps the user glued. And for a longer adhesion, it takes smart management of the content in place. There might be a great copy in place, but if the font, spacing and alignment are not done perfectly, the end result will not reflect much of the awaited greatness.

Parking the design with Effective spacing:

Just like the way it does well in a relationship, space in a website makes a website look and work so well too. The trick lies not just in leaving a white space for the user to ponder with, but effectively using it in sync with the placed content so as to give a very pleasing effect to the viewer. Perfect usage of white space gives just the needed edge to stay ahead.

Keep it simple:

At the beginning and also at any stage of the website design process, it is important to ask the question of ‘what is the purpose of this website?’ and constantly align the works with regards to it. And according to it, a clear, simple and effective language has to be tailored in the design as the communication is all about delivering the message to the customer clearly.

Versatile anywhere, Usable everywhere:

This ultimately is the most important principle of an effective website design as it is the way an user feels when he uses your website that determines the actual outcome of all your efforts. In this case, you have to think on what your user thinks like and looks out for. Every single button and every single icon: make sure you envision a user perspective here and design accordingly. Most importantly, it is also important to design the website that is friendly on all platforms. Laptops, Desktops, Palmtop, Mobile phones and so on as the technology advances, an effective website needs to be usable in all the mediums.



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