Building an Effective Website – Things to Consider


1) Design – If your website looks crappy then people will tend to have less credibility towards your company. First impression when they enter your website will make a huge difference in making a purchase decision.

2) User interface – When people visit your website, they should clearly know where to go and click to find the right information they need from your website. It should be easy to navigate and there needs to be a clear call to action. If people come to your website and do not know how to buy the production because of the messy user interface, then what's the point of them visiting your website. If people can not find the information with in short period, they will right away leave your website to search for better website. Remember, how easy it is for the visitors to leave your website. It's just one click.

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO has become a must for a website to be successful. If you have a fancy looking sports car but it's placed inside a garage of a remote house, then what's the use? If people can not find your website and no traffic comes in, then good design and good interface does not matter. Being found on Google and Yahoo with the right keyword has become one of the most essential parts of having a successful website.

Here are some tips, try to optimize your website for Google first since it will bring you the most traffic. However, keep in mind that Google is the most difficult search engine to optimize since the competition is fierce. There are limited spots on the first page in Google. Before starting, know that SEO takes time, energy, and patience. So make a short-term and long-term plan to find the right key word you want to optimize.



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