Designing Your Website


In order to have a website that is just how you want it to be, it is essential that you take the time to ensure that it is designed according to your requirements. Naturally if you have decided to use a pre-designed template this is definitely going to reduce your costs in getting your website up and running. Be aware though, the more elaborate the template is with quality graphics the more cost it will be. Remember a basic template with little or no graphics is going to be less expensive.

Neverheless you still need to be aware of any restrictions such a template has before proceeding with this step. It is no good deciding that you want to change the color of the website once it has been completed and is online to find that the template you have chosen restricts edits of this nature. It is important at this stage to know exactly what you are getting and if any editing is possible.

It is a good idea to browse through as many templates as you can before making your final decision. The more choice you have the more likely you are to find the one that best suits you.

For instance, if you intend to have a website to promote beauty products you would more than likely consider a feminized designed template rather than one which illustrated a corporate image with laptops, whiteboard or cell phone graphics. Make sure the colors you select are appropriate to what your site is promoting. As a general rule subdued natural colors work best, so it is a good idea to keep bright dazzling colors to a minimum without of course you want to convey this type of image. Do not rush this step as it is imperative that you get it right, remembering that this will be going world wide for all to view and you do not want to convey the wrong impression. What you want is a template that has high impact and will capture the interest of your visitors and customers so that they will want to return again and again. First impressions do count.

It is essential that the website package you have selected is able to provide all the features you need. The layout and navigation of your site needs to be such that visitors can easily access what they are looking for. If it is too difficult to locate what visitors are seeking they will go elsewhere.

Make sure you can plan the layout to your liking with a good balance between text and graphics. In this instance less is more often more effective. In other words, do not over do it. The layout should be pleasing to the eye with contrast and spacing used to optimum advantage. Do not try and cram all your information on one or two pages just to keep your costs down. This will not work and will be to your dismountage. Spread your content out however be clear and accurate and do not overdo images and graphic. Otherwise the site becomes too busy and will distract from the message you are trying to convey.

Since your text is vital to the success of your website it is important that you use a font that is easy to read such as Arial. Do not chop and change fonts as this also distracts from your message and is unappealing. Keep animation to a minimum as this can become annoying if overused.

Do not make your pages too wordy. Less is best. Just use sufficient text to convey your message in a concise and direct manner limiting images so they simply complete the text.

Remember the design of your website is vital to its success. Choose wisely and it will be a success.




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