Disadvantages of a Website


There are many advantages to having your own website, but in some situations you may not want one, as there are some disadvantages of a website. Depending on what market your are in, or what your style of communication is, you may want to just set up a blog, or stick with other methods of generating an income.

What are the Disadvantages?

Websites take a long time to design. You need to figure out where you want your navigation bar, your list of products or other information, as well as your ads. On top of that you need to figure out a color scheme that will attract your visitors so that they will not be turned off by it, but instead keep coming back. This is rather time consuming, as you may think you got the perfect design, but others may not agree with you. If that happens you basically get to start all over again.

To help you with the designing process, you need to either learn HTML, CSS and other essential codes. Or, you can purchase a program known as DreamWeaver, and it will create the codes for you. However, this program can be costly, especially if you are already strapped for cash.

Other costs that are associated with your own website are hosting fees as well as a domain name. However, these fees are quite low and are well worth the price.

You may also need to work with other essential tools to help you create your webpages and then upload them to the internet. CoffeeCup has a very good HTML editor that you can use if you decide to learn the codes yourself. They also have a great FTP Client to help you upload your content to your website.

Now, when you have a blog, you can upload your content to your blog months in advance, but with a website you can not do this. (Without there is a program available that I am unaware of).

Another thing to consider about a website is that it requires that you manually link all of your pages together. A blogging software does this for you automatically. Additionally, you may also have to manually update your feeds to let others know about your new content.

Websites typically do not allow users to comment, and therefore if you are looking to interact with your users a blog may be more suitable than a website. However, if you have your own website, you can still have a blog to run along side of it on the same domain, where users can interact.



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