Do It – Build Your Own Website


Building your own website is not that difficult providing you follow some simple steps. Many companies run a successful business offering this service however 90% of this business is generated from B2B (ie business creating for companies).

However the cost implications do not really justify the outlay of 100's even 1000's of $ 's for a personal website. You may have come across many Magazines advertising the fact that they can teach you to build a website in 24hrs using the trial software available with the magazine, and this on occasions is true, however do not be fooled that it's that straight forward.

As with anything you will need to learn some basic skills before being able to complete the task to a professional level. – If you were to buy a book on "how to lay bricks" you would not then attempt to build your own home, possibly start with a simple wall or even a BBQ in the garden. It's the same with a website.

As the internet is now providing a huge opportunity for people to create a home business and generate a great income more and more people are looking into the possibilities of working from home, and why not? However somewhere along the line you will need your own website. With this being fact it's important that you learn and understand the basics of how the internet and websites work, from creation, domain registration to hosting. A true understanding will inevitably be of great se to you when building your own home based business.

I have over 10 years experience in website design and development however never experience in teaching the skill. I have however searched many books and "idiots guides" and have come across many good courses and some terrible courses. I can not stress enough how much the internet is changing daily and it will leave many people in its path, the only way to keep up with this industry is to start with a true understanding of how it works.

The proud feeling of launching a website is something I feel on a daily basis though it does not compare to the feeling someone will get from launching their own website having built it correctly the right way having following some process along the way.

If I were to offer my service as a web designer to you it would completely defy the reason behind this article but I am going to tell you that I have a great book available for your use free of charge. Building your own website can be great fun and grow into a skill you wil value for many years to come.

If I had come across these years ago I can safely say that my business would now be on a different level though that's not the case. If you are intending on having a go, and why not, then please do it the right way.

There is no doubt about the fantastic sense of achievement felt when you have finally built your first website. Join me and my mentor, for a free guide to assist you in your new venture. Thanks for reading.



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