Ezine Publishing – 3 Profitable Reasons to Create a Membership Website From Your Newsletter Content


Savvy email marketers are always looking for ways to reuse their content again and again for higher returns. Sending out one issue of an ezine and then forgetting about it causes you to lose tons of potential streams of revenue. If you're willing to join that elite group of email marketing gurus, you should consider using the old issues of your ezine and turning them into incredible content for a membership website.

Here are the 3 reasons to get started building your membership website today

1. Increase your product sales.

More and more products are being created each day and being sold on the Internet. Often your readers' brains will be spinning from all the information available. By starting a membership website, you'll be increasing the amount of times they're exposed to your product. More exposure to one good product through your previous email newsletter content will help decrease their information overload and add to your sales.

2. Sell more affiliate products.

As you republish your email newsletter content to your membership site, you'll also have the ability to tie your product in with those of others. If you've successfully promoted affiliate products in your email newsletter, it will be even more effective in a membership site. Why? Because your readers will be able to interact with others more to see that your well chosen products actually do work.

3. Build a community.

Standing out among all the other marketers trying to build their businesses online is a tough job. But by creating a membership website from your email newsletter content that brings together a group of like minded people, you'll be able to brand yourself and your unique qualities much more effectively. Your readers will be able to interact, pose questions about your content, and feel more connected to your unique knowledge. Soon this translates into even more revenue for yourself and your company.

Forgetting to brand yourself and reuse your email newsletter content is a surefire way to let others bolt in front of you with tremendous speed. Do not be left behind in their dust. Instead, start organizing the issues of your ezine and create a membership site that can increase all your sales and build a community among your readers.



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