Five Important Attributes of a Good Website Design


Here are a few qualities a website should possess irrespective of their domain and core industry.

1. Template Design

The look of a website must be vibrant and attractive. Avoid using free template designs available on other sites as there are chances of those designs being repeated on different websites. This creates a bad impression and the company loses its unique identity.

2. Content Development

Content is the most important aspect of any website. There can be no websites without content. It should be made clear that the content on a website should be maintained and updated frequently. Most importantly, the originality of content makes a big difference. The content also has to be related to the theme of the website. Content contacts customers.

3. Captions and Meta Tags

The title in the content also plays a very important role. Each page should appropriate titles and they have to be supported by Meta tags. This helps major search engines crawl over your websites and drive traffic.

4. Website Navigation

A lot of sites do not perform well because the navigation is complicated. The website has to be user friendly. The visitor should find what he wants without any problem. If the navigation does not follow a good standard, the visitors will be driven away from the website.

5. Broken Links

The websites must undergo a testing process after development. The occurrence of broken links is very common. This gives a bad impression to the website and the search engine rankings get disturbed.



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