How to Create a Website For Your Beauty Salon


Your website can contribute to the marketing mix of the common Four P’s – price, place, product and promotion. You can proportion these elements as you see fit in your website, depending upon what you want from the final outcome.

So let’s get down to business on how to create that perfect website for your beauty salon and get those customers queuing up around the block.

1. First of all, get yourself a website builder. There are many of them out there online and they offer a range of free options, with additional add ons. The website creator tool will allow you to create your own professional looking website within moments and you will be part of the World Wide Web, selling your wares to an audience as big as you want it to be. Update it anytime you need to and make sure you tell people where to find you. Be visible!

2. You’ll want to include in your website a ‘products and prices’ page so that your customers know how much you will charge them before they book with you. And make sure you’ve done your homework so that your prices are competitive. Maybe offer something unique – a few specials. Keep this page up to date as paying customers will hold you to it!

3. Including some positive video footage of staff at work in your salon would be a useful addition to one of your web pages so that potential customers can interact with your site and see for themselves the look and feel of your boutique and what they can expect from the whole beauty experience. Show them how special they could feel if they came to your salon.

4. Your website may also want to include testimonials and customer reviews. This could be an area where they can leave feedback about the service they received from you. You can monitor it to make sure that nothing untoward is posted and the positive feedback will be a great referral marketing tool for future custom.

5. A gallery – now what could be better for a salon website than photos of what you can offer in terms of treatments and so on? Pictures of happy clients or even models showing off your fantastic expertise. This could turn out to be your main seller and visual aids are always more effective for this sort of service than walls of text. Splash them with lots of colours that capture the essence of relaxation and all things beautiful.



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