How to Hire the Perfect Designer for Your Site


When you are starting out with a new business, having a webpage with a catchy name is vitally important. If you are not web savvy, how do you get a great web site? You hire someone to design that website for you! There are several things to know before hiring a developer to provide a website that will appeal to many.

Make a List

It is best if you first know what you are wanting in a business page. The person you interview will want to know things like; what your company does, who is your target audience is, if you are selling anything on the website, and what your project budget is. You should have a planned launch date for the site and you may want a professional who is willing to make regular updates to the website.

What to Look For

A good designer has an online business portfolio allowing you to see previous jobs and visit with satisfied customers. If you hire someone that does not live in the same city as you, are they willing to communicate on a regular basis with you online? If you can not stay in constant communication with the person taking over your site, the process could be slowed.

Looking at a successful website will help you pinpoint a few things you want with your business page. It needs to be simple, easy to navigate, and draw attention immediately. If you need an eCommerce section, what payment forms are they comfortable with? Are they capable of tying your page to a social media campaign on Facebook or Twitter? Social media is the new way to free advertising and publicizing your work.

Freelance or Firm

Finally, you will want to decide if you want to hire a person who works as a freelancer or someone who works with a design firm. Firms will cost more, but will have a team of people on staff if you need more interaction on the website. Freelancers have lower costs to design; however they run on their own schedule and may not be available every time you need them.

After you have done the research, it is time to get to build the website. Meet with applicants and see what they have to offer you and how they can assist your business. Know that there may be an expense up front to begin the development process, but it will be quickly recouped if it brings visitors to the website. The best web pages are viewable on all browsers, as well as mobile sites.



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