Magento 2.0, Let’s Review What The Original Platform Offered To Businesses World Wide


Magento 2.0 has arrived for businesses of all sizes in the United States and Europe. If you are unfamiliar with the eCommerce platform, it provides extensive tools for growing your business in the fast paced, constantly changing eCommerce environment. Magento 2.0 is being rightfully labeled as one of the world’s most flexible, cost effective, and successful digital platform.

Before discussing the benefits of upgrading your business to Magento 2.0, let’s review what the original platform offered to businesses world wide. Firstly, it offered commerce order management for its clients to stay on top of imports and exports. Magento 1 allowed consumers to have a more inviting and satisfying eCommerce experience, letting your brand make a lasting impression on customers. Magento has began to obscure the definitions between online and in store retail. It’s no wonder 1,500 (and growing!) businesses in the US, Europe, and Australia are using this platform. Magento web development is easier than ever, so get your old Magento Website Design updated or get a new Magento website today!

Since Magento 1 is so great, what will Magento 2.0 improve upon? Here is the exciting part! First off, 2.0 improves product overview, decreasing the time to market each product, a simpler customization tool, and much easier upgrades to have you running your business quickly and effectively. Checkout processes have also been modified. Each checkout is now a simpler 2-step flow, eliminating confused customers and cart abandonment. Returning clients will be recognized by email and their order baskets visible at the top of the page. Customer payment information will be securely transmitted so your business will remain in compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry).

Once again, easy customization is a key focus in 2.0. So, let’s see some numbers! Catalog pages run 56% faster than Magento 1. Customer checkout ranges between 28%-33% faster allowing for up to 250,000 orders to be processed per hour! That’s about 69 orders per second! Also, about 3 million page views will be supported through this new platform. Since you customers will be having a much more time efficient experience on your site, you will too with increased simplicity adding products and 4 times faster import export management. Magento 2.0 is allowing you to control the customer experience and helping you feel connected your brand and clientele.

With any new platform comes a learning curve, but Magento has done their best to help guide you through. Unlike Magento 1 which announced big releases and extensions annually, Magento 2.0 will be announcing these quarterly, in a solid attempt to deliver transparency between the company and its consumers. The Magento Development team has also created a curriculum, offered though on-demand courses. Magento has also trained individuals, known as the Magento 2 Trained Solutions Partners, who have developed sufficient knowledge and skills to train you through your Magento 2 learning curve. Trust K2 Website Design for your Magento website design needs.



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