Turnkey Websites & Website Templates – A Comparison


I am always getting emails after someone buys a package of Website Templates. Some people are expecting a lot more in the way of content when they buy a package of templates. This is the main difference between these Website Templates and Turnkey Websites. It bears going over though to avoid confusion.

A package of Websites Templates, or a single Website Template purchased usually has very little in the way of content included. It may or may not have graphics appropriate to a specific niche included. Some templates are quite generic in the way of graphics so that they can be used in a variety of niches. The expectation is that the template will be used to create a very unique website with content that you will supply yourself.

This is not to say that all Website Templates will be this devoid of content. There are shades between Website Templates and Turnkey Websites. The definitions I am using here are those used in the widest sense online. If you always assume that a template comes without content unless something additional is expressly stated, you will avoid being disappointed.

Having said that, I could name several websites selling Website Templates that do in fact have a fair amount of the necessary content included. The question you need to ask yourself is how widely is this template used. If it has been widely distributed, then the content may not be useful Search Engine fodder. Duplicate content is not desirable…

Turnkey Websites are another story completely. As the term Turnkey implies, you should have just a few editing chores to do and then the website should be ready to upload.

Turnkey Websites typically come with several avenues of monetization built into them, and monetization is a very good thing! Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon are typical monetization methods for Turnkey Sites, but more and more are including CPA programs and just about every other monetization technique imaginable.

Consider switching out any articles supplied for the same reasons given for Website Templates. You want to avoid duplicate content always. Customizing Turnkey Websites is something I do routinely as most high quality packages have been sold a few times, and I don’t want people coming to my sites and leaving immediately because they think they’ve already visited it.

Regardless of whether you are looking at a package (or individual) of Templates or Turnkey Websites, be sure that you know what your purchase will and will not include. This will help you avoid getting into something beyond your own skillset, and ending up paying someone to handle technical challenges you weren’t expecting.

Either way, you should also see what rights you have to modify these packages as well. Most do not come with PLR, so be careful about repackaging them. If you are allowed to repackage, it is sometimes advantageous to use the various components in a WordPress blog as this is the most versatile platform online for almost any purpose. In most cases however, you can make almost any changes you want and then you are totally free to sell the resulting website as long as it is already published to it’s own domain.

Building your own Virtual Real Estate empire can be made simpler, quicker and cheaper using Website Templates as well as Turnkey Websites.



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