Website Templates Membership – Friend Or Foe?


In the constantly growing industry of web development there is a large selection of products and ways to buy them. One can order a custom design, buy templates at the unique price, download free templates from the open-source resources, or pay per-product fee. There is also templates membership option available.

It is a reliably new and cheap way to download web templates. Website templates membership is considered to be an alternative to free templates that are typically of low quality and can contain viruses. There is a number of companies at the market of web products offering multiple website templates and membership plans.

How does it work?

One is paying a modest amount of money (averagely about $ 60 per 6 months) to get an access for a certain period of time (from month to year usually) to a collection of website templates. Sometimes the number of products which can be downloaded is limited. Some companies also include other web products as logos, banners, mascots, buttons and even music loops in the package.

Templates membership is usually appreciated by web masters requiring varying sizes of templates as a resource to design custom websites. It is obviously more profitable to download as much products as one wishes to than paying the same money for just one single template.

Although, among the companies in the industry of web development there is a number of those who consider Templates Packages a bad way of making business. There is a 'No template membership' campaign run by these developers.

Among the negative sides of templates membership they name no control to distribution, no copyright protection, depreciation of templates, besides they say there is "no pride of ownership".

Well, it's up to a customer, whether he's going to get a single product but with "pride of ownership", or hundreds of templates at the same price, but without one.



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