What is the Best Membership Website Design?


When it comes to website design it’s always better to be user friendly than it is to have the coolest site out there. Too much stuff on your site does not help the visitor. It actually hurts the user experience. They get confused and frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for easily. That usually means they leave your site.

So how do you prevent that from happening? Considering there are two successful ways to start a membership site we need to cover them both. The good news is one of them is way easier than the other. Let’s cover the tough one first.

Traditional Membership Website Design

The first site is your traditional membership site. This is one where you have to regularly add and update content manually. Members have to log into and access the site using a membership site software or script. When using this kind of site you want to make sure it has three things. They are:

1. Login Area Clearly Identified

Nothing is more frustrating then not knowing how to log into a site that you’re paying for. Be sure to have a login link at the top and bottom of each page as well as a login box on your landing page. This should be enough to satisfy even the most stubborn member.

2. Limit Your Site to Two-Columns

Whatever you do, don’t make your site so complicated to navigate that members struggle to find what they are looking for. The easiest way to prevent this is to have a navigation bar on the left or right hand side and the content in the main area of the page.

3. Have Your FAQ Link Clearly Visible

This tip not only benefits your members but it also benefits you. By placing a FAQ link on all your pages you will eliminate a ton of questions and support issues before they even get to you. That saves you time. When a member can get answers to their most common questions that saves them frustration. And that of course equals more money in your pocket.

Bonus Tip

It’s also important to have a search function so people can easily find what they’re looking for. There is nothing more aggravating then when you’re trying to find a solution to a problem and not be able to do a simple search on the membership site.

Automatic Content Membership Websites

These website are my favorite and I use them to create all my membership sites. This site is much easier to run because you use an autoresponder to automatically send the content for you. Since the autoresponder does most of the work you don’t have to worry about third party software or scripts. That means there is no member login area on your site!

The best website design for these membership sites is a simple one-page sales letter or minisite. Once someone signs up for your membership they are directed to your autoresponder signup page. Then all you have to do is upload your content to the autoresponder. You don’t have to touch your website!

These sites are very easy to setup and can be done very quickly. There is no software or scripts to learn. These membership sites are proven to be more profitable than their traditional counterparts. And they’re easier to operate. Talk about a win-win!



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