What You Should Know About Using Photos Off The Internet


When using photos that you found online, are you sure how you can legally use them? There are rules and laws surrounding images and content that you find online, and you need to be sure that you understand how to use content correct and legally. What are some things to consider when using photos that you find online?

Can You Copy It

If you can copy it, it should be fair game. Anything online that is not protected is free to be reproduced. If you want to be safe though, give credit to the original source of the photo. This way, if anything comes up, you can say you were using it fairly and gave credit to the original source. As long as you do that, you are not breaking any laws or any rules of usage.

Find A Creative Commons Photo To Use For Free

There are sites that are full of creative commons photos. This means that the photos are free to be used in any way that you would like. Go ahead and post it to your blog, your website or however else you would like to use the photo. You may still have to site it, but you know that you owe no royalties. Using Google can help you find a lot of free images that you can use.

Get Permission From The Original Source

If you find a photo that you would like to use, you could always contact the person who originally took the photo and ask to reproduce the image on your website. It might cost you money, but you at least know that you have permission to use a professionally shot photo that will make your website look great. Even if it doesn’t cost you money, having permission to use a photo can help you rest easy.

When it comes to using photos off the Internet, you should understand the rules and etiquette that goes into using a photo that does not belong to you. How would you react if you saw a photo, or another piece of content that you were the creator of just posted on another site? Do the right thing and make sure that you attribute the source of the photo to its creator, or get permission to use the photo first. You don’t anger anyone and you are not liable in any lawsuits that might come up against you.



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