Why Can not I Access Certain Websites With Vista?


One of the visitors to this site left a comment the other day stating that he had problems visiting certain sites. I noticed this problem has occurred to others on my daily forum and research routines. Some users are unable to reach vital websites that are important to work and school. According to a variety of sources, the problem could be because the type of sites being accessed are secure (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) sites. For individuals with this access problem, I did a little research and found a few answers.

Basically, from what I have read, this accessibility to access certain websites stems from the security measures that Vista comes with. All it takes is a little tweak of a few options and the problem should be solved.

The following is one step by step solution to this problem:

1. Go to "tools" in the Internet explorer or firefox. (I do not think it matters)

2. Go to the sub category "Internet options" (This is only in Internet explorer – for firefox, you must go to "options" at the bottom.)

3. Now, go to advanced (IE) and uncheck, "Use TLS 1.0" (For firefox, you do not have to go to "advanced, you can see the box there.)

This is the basic rundown of what must be done. If you have this problem, there is a chance the above steps may not help you with your problem. That's okay because you may have a very similar problem in which the sites you are viewing are set to only allow SSLv3 enabled explorers. The steps to solve this problem are the same as the above except this time you check the SSLv2 box.

Similarly, if a site you visit frequently is not displaying anything, it may be because the site has not updated the configurations yet and has not changed from SSlv3. When Microsoft updated Internet Explorer to version 7, they changed the settings from SSlv2 to 3 in an act to make surfing the web safer. All you need to know is how you can change the settings on your explorer. I hope, your problems are solved.

If you have any personal problem that is related or not … please feel free to leave the comment. If you surf through the site, you will see that I try to answer everyones questions with well researched and experienced answers.



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