Why Use Website Templates?


What is a Website Template?

Basically a website template is a ready made design for your website which often includes images, navigation, several sample pages and sometimes flash animations. Once you find a website template you like, all you have to do is add relevant content and maybe customize images and colors to suit your business.

What about using easy tools to build a website from scratch?

Your website is the same as a shop window on the high street, if it does not portray the right image, people will not buy from you. If you are not an experienced designer it will be difficult to produce a professional website to give your business the right image.

So Do I Have To Pay For A Designer?

You could hire a designer and have a professional and completely bespoke website but this could take time if your designer is juggling several projects, and is likely to cost you a lot of money. The Good news is that Website templates remove the need for expensive designers.

Low Cost Professional Designs

When choosing a website template you will probably browse a large number of designs until you find one that you like. However, when browsing you should be able to see at least a screen shot of the design and possibly a demo which allows you to see how it will work.

What a template is not

Most website templates are sold more than once, which means that you will not have a completely unique website and someone somewhere could have the same design. However, this should not be a major problem, because with well over 100 million websites on the Internet the chances of someone finding similar looking sites is quite small. However, many sites are offered for "exclusive" sale which means that once bought by you no one else can purchase it. This will increase the price though.

You can always edit the template by changing colors, images, even layout etc to give your site a more unique look.



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