You Just Bought a Website, Now What Do You Do?


This is a continuation of some articles I decided to write after purchasing a poker blog website. I thought it would be useful to share some of my experiences.

OK so you have identified the site you want, checked all the details as far as possible to ensure it is genuine, see my previous articles for some further information. You have placed a bid and amazingly won the auction and are now the proud owner of a new website.

I would always advise paying by paypal as you can (if there are problems) raise a dispute and ask paypal to intervene. Some sellers will offer escrow services, where the money is held in trust until both parties are happy. This will of course cost to use and very often you and the seller would pay half towards this. In my opinion this shows a fair amount of trust from the seller as to what he is selling and is a good indication of what you are buying is probably what you are expecting.

There are two main parts to any website transfer and these are where most people start to get very confused. The first is the domain registration. This is the place that holds the details of the domain and who it is registered to. This does not have to be the same place that hosts your website. The second is the actual website itself.

The person who is selling the website to you will have to initiate a domain name transfer to you. It is easiest if you have an account with the same company which has the domain registration as the seller. Normally the transfer can occur within a few days.

Once the transfer has taken place, you will have to log onto your account and basically tell the world where the website is now running from. This would normally be done by changing the nameserver entry on the domain information. This can take up to forty eight hours to propagate round the internet.

The person selling will send you a copy of all the files which compose the website, or they may allow you to download them from their hosting company. Once you have the files you will then upload them to your hosting company.



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